Pre-orders for collaboration goods between the TV anime series "Blue Lock" and "GAACAL" will begin on Friday, April 26th!

Kiyoshi, Harakura, Chigiri, Nagi, Reo, Rin and others head to a fruit party filled with the charm of fruit!

Six characters from the TV anime "Blue Lock", "Kiyotaka Seichi", "Horaku Kai", "Chigiri Hyouma", "Nagi Seishiro", "Mikage Reo" and "Itoshi Rin" will appear dressed as fruit as adorable mini characters!

Pre-order here

(※) Scheduled shipping date: Late July onwards

©Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura, Kodansha / "Blue Lock" Production Committee

*Please note that the design and specifications are subject to change as the product is currently under supervision.

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