Introducing new GAACAL x Artiswitch collaboration products!

~An item that will make your wishes come true has been born thanks to Nina's magic!~

We have started selling six types of cute and grown-up original goods that are a collaboration between GAACAL and Artiswitch, an original animation themed around fashion, art and music set in Harajuku!

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◆Always by your side to become the person you want to be.

"Magical Entrance" GAACAL x Artiswitch Clear Smartphone Case (2 types) ¥2,680 (tax included)

This is a clear case studded with Artiswitch key motifs.
The GAACAL logo is subtly incorporated into part of the motif, resulting in a highly original design!

Choose from two designs: a simple, more mature bracelet-only design, or a more glamorous design with motifs scattered across the front and ribbons added.

It comes with a removable strap, making it highly practical and ideal for personal use or as a gift.

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◆"My Collection"

GAACAL x Artiswitch Clear AirPods Case (2 types)
¥2,280(tax included)

Your true feelings may be hidden deep inside your pocket.

This is an AirPods case with a GAACAL limited design featuring the Artiswitch key motif.

Although it is a full-face protective type, it is easy to put on and take off, so you can easily incorporate the world of Artiswitch. Choose from two types: a simple design with a feminine pink frame that is cute for adults, or a mysterious design with a large heart and an exquisite balance of purple and blue.

It comes with a carabiner, which is convenient for preventing it from falling and for attaching your favorite charms.

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"Coordinate me"

GAACAL×Artiswitch scarf
¥2,200(tax included)

What kind of person do you want to become with this photo?

This scarf features Artiswitch key motifs all around.

The thin, smooth and soft fabric is easy to handle, and can be used in a wide range of ways, such as wrapping it around the neck or shoulders, as a hair band or belt, or as an accent for a bag. The material is not shiny and is slightly transparent, so it can be washed with water.

Feel free to create your own unique look. The GAACAL exclusive design makes a perfect gift.

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"Amulet as it is"

GAACAL×Artiswitch scrunchie
¥1,500(tax included)

For myself and that person who I want to pat on the back.

This is a scrunchie with a GAACAL limited design featuring the Artiswitch key motif depicted like a chain.

You can use it as a hair accessory, or you can wear it on your wrist like a bracelet.

The gold illustrations have a high-class feel and create a mature atmosphere.
It is an item that can be used casually in daily life.

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"Draw your thoughts"

GAACAL×Artiswitch iPad case with stand function (2 types)
¥4,950(tax included)

Behind my true self.

This is a GAACAL limited edition iPad case with an Artiswitch key motif on the back.

The tri-fold front cover protects the screen and can also be used as a stand. It also comes with a pen holder so you won't lose your pencil.

Choose from two designs: a simple design that highlights the key motif, or a full-surface design with a gorgeous ribbon that catches the eye.
It also looks cute when paired with a smartphone case sold separately, making it a great gift.

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"Together, to the very end"

GAACAL×Artiswitch Apple Watch Bands (2 types)
¥2,880(tax included)

If we walk together, maybe we can get there.

This is a GAACAL limited edition Apple Watch band with an Artiswitch key motif printed on a stylish diamond pattern background.

The light beige design is cute and adult-like, and the color means you don't have to worry about it getting dirty in your daily life. If necessary, it can be washed with water.

Choose from two designs: a feminine design with a motif enclosed in pink diamonds, or a unified, elegant design that accentuates a more mature look.

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[About Artiswitch]

The first installment of a new creative project set in Harajuku, this is an original animation by Artiswitch that has been played over 3.4 million times.

Nina, a witch who runs a shop in a place called "Ura-ura Harajuku," which is said to be somewhere in Harajuku, peers into the hearts of her visitors and grants their hidden wishes, while also struggling and growing as a person.

The key motifs that bring out each person's "true feelings" are expressed in cute adult items that can be used every day, with designs exclusive to GAACAL.

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