"Capybara-san" x "GAACAL" - New collaboration goods for cute and laid-back adult women!

Collaboration goods that take advantage of Capybara's worldview and the strengths of GAACAL's miscellaneous goods are now on sale!

"Capybara-san" is a popular character that continues to be loved by women in their 20s and 30s. This is the release of seven items that combine the adorable appearance and soothing worldview of the character with GAACAL's cute and mature goods.

The store offers handmade resin works decorated with pressed flowers and pressed fruits, GAACAL's specialty, as well as original embroidered bags that are carefully designed and produced by the company.

● List of Capybara-san products

●Product lineup
1. "Capybara-san and Colorful Fruits" Handmade pressed fruit coaster

This is a collaboration between GAACAL's original design, handmade coasters with pressed fruit, and capybaras. It encapsulates a gorgeous, relaxing space surrounded by vibrant fruits and flowers. It is recommended not only as a coaster for relaxing, but also as a room interior or small item holder.
For product details, please visit https://gaacal.com/products/gk00010
2. [Limited quantity] GAACAL x "Capybara-san" flower embroidered market bag, available in 3 colors
This is a collaboration between GAACAL's original design market bag and Capybara. It comes in three colors: classic white, feminine pink, and more mature green, and features delicate embroidery of mature red flowers and soft-looking Capybara.
For product details, please visit https://gaacal.com/products/gk00007
3. GAACAL x "Capybara-san" Handmade pressed flower and pressed fruit iPhone case
A collaboration between GAACAL's proud colorful pressed fruits and capybaras. The refreshing fruits, feminine flowers, and the happy capybaras are soothing.
For product details, please visit https://gaacal.com/products/gk00001
4. GAACAL x "Capybara-san" Handmade Pressed Flower iPhone Case  
A collaboration between GAACAL's popular pressed flower case and capybaras. The capybaras look happy surrounded by flowers, and the gorgeous, sparkling atmosphere is appealing.
For product details, please visit https://gaacal.com/products/gk00002
5. GAACAL x "Capybara-san" Handmade pressed flower aroma sachet, 4 designs
A collaboration between GAACAL's specialty, handmade pressed flower resin and capybaras. The soft aroma brings healing with both its appearance and scent. It can be used as an accent in a stylish room or as interior decoration to decorate the entrance.
For product details, please visit https://gaacal.com/products/gk00006
​These cute, adult-oriented items from GAACAL x Capybara are only available here. They are perfect as a reward for yourself for working hard every day, or as a gift for someone special. They will bring you cute healing.

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