The long-awaited third installment of "GAACAL x Peter Rabbit™"!

GAACAL, which continues to send out cute miscellaneous goods for adults, has created the third product of "Peter Rabbit™", which continues to be loved all over the world. We have a wide selection of products unique to GAACAL, including 120th anniversary designs, handmade and embroidered products.

●Peter Rabbit™ product list

●Product lineup
1. GAACAL x Peter Rabbit™ picture book 120th anniversary iPhone case
3 designs 3,680 yen (tax included)

<Left> "Peter's Three Best Friends" Peter Rabbit™ 120th Anniversary iPhone Case

The sisters are surrounded by presents and look happy, and the pink color of the handmade pressed flowers adds a nice touch. The surface is made of resin, giving it a smooth finish.

【Product Details】

<Center> "With Benjamin" Peter and Benjamin stand next to the iPhone case giveaway commemorating the 120th anniversary of the publication of Peter Rabbit™. Adorable pressed flowers surround the warm space, where you can almost hear the two of them chatting away.

【Product Details】

<Right> "Where Peter Looks" Peter Rabbit™ 120th Anniversary iPhone Case What is there in front of Peter's straight line of sight as he looks up with his arms outstretched? Bright white and yellow pressed flowers are watching over Peter with warmth.

【Product Details】

2. GAACAL x Peter Rabbit™ Flower Linen Marche Bag
3,880 yen (tax included)

【Product Details】

The illustrations are expressed with delicate and stylish embroidery. The natural feel of the linen material is comfortable, and the calm colors are perfect for autumn outings.

3. GAACAL x Peter Rabbit™ Embroidered Organza Marche Bag
2 designs 3,680 yen (tax included)

The bag is decorated with lots of pastel colored floral embroidery. The smile of Peter happily pushing the cart seems to bring happiness along with the flowers.

The embroidered design depicts a mountain of vibrant vegetables. The vibrant colors will make you want to carry it with you wherever you go. The mischievous Peter's happy expression is also charming.

【Product Details】

4. GAACAL x Peter Rabbit™ Flower Marche Bag
DARK PINK/GLAY/WHITE 3,680 yen (tax included)

New colors have been added to the GAACAL original design Peter Rabbit™ market bag.

The embroidery of Peter and flowers stands out against the sheer material, catching your eye. The new pink and gray colors give a mature, cute and calm impression, and are recommended for any occasion, such as going out or shopping.
【Product Details】
5. GAACAL x Peter Rabbit™ handmade candle stand
3,680 yen (tax included)

This candle stand features an adorable standing Peter and is filled with GAACAL's signature pressed flowers.

The container is about 5.2cm in diameter and 2.5cm in height, and you can place a 3cm x 3cm candle of your choice in it. Enjoy Peter being gently illuminated by the candle flame.

【Product Details】

About "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" was born from a "picture letter" sent by British author Beatrix Potter to Noel, the sick son of an acquaintance, in 1893. The story, illustrated with beautiful watercolors, is still loved by people all over the world, and this year, 2022, marks the 120th anniversary of the publication of the picture book.
Peter Rabbit™ Japan official website

Peter Rabbit™ items, beloved all over the world, are now available from GAACAL, which is known for its stylish miscellaneous goods and handmade items!

Enjoy elegant and cute Peter goods that are easy for adult women to use on a daily basis.

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