Must-see for fans of purple! 8 cute and grown-up products to promote your favorite color

Just wearing your favorite color will help you work harder!

It's something that happens in your everyday life, so casually that only you know about it.

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What color is purple?


Purple, known as the color violet in Japanese, has been treated as a "mystical color" around the world since ancient times.

Effects of purple : A color that helps recover from fatigue and calms the mind.
It's a color that stimulates the senses, so it's recommended for creative people!

It is also a popular color that gives a mature and sexy impression.

\How can you casually incorporate it into your daily life?/

Purple goes well with gray, so we recommend a combination of light purple and light gray for the coming season.

Dark purple goes well with white for a casual look.

\If you want to look trendy this year?/

Pastel colors are popular this year! Furthermore, purples that are closer to pink will blend in well with your skin. Purples, which can be a little difficult to wear, are easy to incorporate.


Favourite colour: Purple


This time, we are targeting those who are in charge of purple or whose favorite color is purple.
We have gathered some purple products from GAACAL.


Purple-tan's product list


▷New color magnetic band

"Stylish Frame" Apple Watch Frame

"Free Line" smartphone shoulder bag with holder 

▷ "Accent Ring" iPhone case with stand

▷ "Your best friend when meeting someone" Smartphone shoulder bag with pocket

Drink holder for when you want to drink

"Patto Pouch" PU leather pouch

"Office Simple Pink Gel Nail Stickers" Nail Stickers

Did you find any products that caught your eye?

GAACAL also has other cute and adult-like purple products, so be sure to check out the website!