5 Recommended Accessories for Straight Skeletons

Today, our staff members who are qualified in skeletal diagnosis will
We have selected bands and accessories from GAACAL that are recommended for people with straight bone structure!

Let us introduce it to you!

▼Characteristics of Straight People

Standard, conservative, and straight-lined clothing suits you

I don't really like delicate and cute items.

The neck is short and strong

Tension in the muscles around the shoulders and on the outside of the upper arms

The bust position is high and the body line is well defined

▼Characteristics of accessories and bands that suit you

・Straight lines

・Standard, not too thick or too delicate

・Elegant and luxurious items

・The necklace should not be too short.

・Simple design

1) "Smart Asymmetric"
S925 Asymmetrical Earrings

Product number: mi00496

Straight bar design earrings look good on people with straight hair.

A simple asymmetrical design that is easy to use in the office.


2) "Triple Pearl"
Three-row pearl S925 earrings

Product number: mi00555

The design also suits pearls, which look elegant.

The standard size with a slight presence is a perfect fit.

Also great for wedding invitations!


3) "Flowers Blooming in the Heart"
Flower motif necklace

Product number: min00055

The coin-like necklace is also a perfect design!

Another key point is that the chain is slightly long and neither too thin nor too thick.


4) "Layered Pearls"
Set of 2 open rings, adjustable

Product number: miy00104

The luxurious design, pearls, and moderate thickness are a perfect match!
It has a strong presence and makes your hands look gorgeous.

A great deal with a 2-piece set♡


5) GAACAL original new color "Perfect Line"

Magnetic PU Leather Apple Watch Band

Product number: w00186-1

Standard design with a width that is neither too wide nor too narrow!

Gold hardware for a luxurious feel


How was it?
This week we introduced accessories recommended for people with straight bone structure.

Depending on your bone structure, there are designs that look good on you and designs that don't.
The most important thing is whether you like it or not.

GAACAL has a wide variety of designs, so you're sure to find one you like!

Please try looking for it on the site.

Next time, we will introduce accessories and bands recommended for people with wave bone structure⌚️