Adult women will love these Christmas gifts for a budget of 3,000 yen or less

It is Christmas soon!
I'm sure many of you will be holding Christmas events this year.
So this time, I bought something that I could buy within the 3,000 yen budget .
For a unique Christmas gift exchange
Here are some recommended gift ideas.
For those who value their own time
A slightly luxurious note
I rarely buy it myself
A slightly richer note
An item that makes you happy to receive.

Bookmarkable charms &
Comes with a set of pens of the same color for immediate use.
Comes with a box so you can give it as is
This is a great feature for gifts.
For those who can't get nails done due to work
Gel nail stickers

For people whose jobs don't allow them to normally keep their nails stylish.
You can dress up your nails only on holidays
Nail stickers are a big hit.

It hardens without a light and is easy to remove!
Available in solid color and patterned sets, or in sets with UV lights.
[Immediate delivery] Various nail stickers
¥1,280〜1,880 (tax included)
For those who always carry small amounts of luggage
Shoulder pouch
If it's just a smartphone shoulder bag
It's a little lacking,
I don't even need to carry a bag...
Recommended for those who want to carry a small towel, repair items, and keys .

With card pockets, this is all you need
This is a shoulder pouch that you can use when going out.
The shoulder strap can be removed,
It will also look stylish if you change it to something with a more stylish design.
Also a great gift for men!
Great value band set with frame
A set of two simple and easy-to-use silicone bands with frames .
Loops, charms, and other accessories for Apple Watch
A fun accessory set.

Available in a wide range of colors, easy to match
The cool colors make it a great gift for men.
For those who like to spend time at home
Stylish loungewear
It's stylish enough to wear outside!

The set-up room wear
For that child who loves spending time at home.

Feels good on the skin and is comfortable to wear
The design is also good, so it looks expensive.
Available in adult light colors
It's sure to be a welcome gift.

The site also has a variety of gift items for adult women.
Order your Christmas gifts early!

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