7 Stylish and Useful Desk Accessories

I'm Minami, the editor of GAACAL.

I usually do work such as photography, editing, and writing, and I often work from home, so I often spend all day around the computer.

Because it is a place where you spend most of your day,
A desk with many work tools is convenient and efficient.

I want to choose stylish items that will lift my spirits!

Today I'd like to introduce some desk accessories from GAACAL's real buy items that I actually use.

I want to protect it stylishly even when I carry it around♡

I often change my PC case depending on my outfit or mood.
These two are my recent favorites.

The mesh pattern creates an elegant and gentle atmosphere.

Item: "I want to protect you" Macbook protective case
Whenever I carry it around, people always ask me, "So cute! Where did you get it?"

On days when you want to wear silver accessories or lift your spirits, protect your precious Mac with a sparkly PC case.

The shine is not too flashy, making it perfect for adults!
The back is matte black.

Item: "Shining Coat" MacBook protective case


Computer stands are the best buy!
Working with a computer can put a lot of strain on your shoulders and eyes.

The best thing I bought was a computer stand.
Ergonomic design based on data from over 1,000 people!

This is a best buy item that I wish I had used sooner.

You can also stand your tablet vertically to watch videos.

Item: "Work Supporter"
PC & Tablet Stand


When you go out, this is all you need for your gadgets!
This is a convenient item that allows you to store all the computer accessories you need when working outside in one place and take it to the office!

I also bought a smaller size for my iPad.
It's also convenient for storing Apple Pencil.

Lightweight and shock-resistant, it protects your valuable gadgets.

Item: "Easy Storage" Shockproof PC/Tablet Case


A notebook that will make you value your own time─────────────────
A high-quality A5 notebook with a luxurious feel that adult women with attention to detail would want to use.

Time to face the self I've always wanted to create.
This notebook seems to be able to make that happen.

Item: "Adult Notebook" loose-leaf notebook with magnetic button
Color: Beige

This is the only charger you need to carry around!
Why did I carry all those chargers around?
Once you use it, you won't be able to let it go because it's so convenient.

Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPods
Can be charged at the same time.

If you make it into a triangle, it can also be transformed into a smartphone stand.

Item: "Flexible Stand" 3-in-1 foldable wireless charger compatible with Magsafe


A pencil case that can hold Apple Pencil─────────────────
There are surprisingly few pencil cases large enough to fit an Apple Pencil.
Compatible with 1st and 2nd generation.

Despite its slim design, it can hold a surprising amount of items, such as thin rulers and markers.

Available in eight lustrous yet simple colors perfect for business.
Item: "Daily Companion" PU Leather Plain Pen Pouch for Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd Generation
Color: Caramel brown


Today we are introducing desk accessories from Real Buy.

Having a tidy and personalised desk area can also increase your productivity.
The items introduced today can be found on the GAACAL website.