[Working Woman's Desk Tour] A glimpse into the desk area of ​​a working woman who is a small entrepreneur!

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Everyone is curious about the desks and work environments of other working women.

This time, we asked Ayaka Endo, a small female entrepreneur known as "Ayamon," to recreate her usual desk setup.

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Ayamon is an HSP (highly sensitive person), and after overcoming the painful experience of being too sensitive in the past by changing her note-taking techniques and mindset, she now works as a small female entrepreneur teaching note-taking techniques for sensitive people.

-Are there any desk rules?

My style is to work wherever I want depending on my schedule and mood. I carry all the items I need for work with me so I can turn anywhere into my office.

Because I am HSP, I value my own comfort, so I create a work environment with designs and colors that I like.

-What are your work essentials?

I need a Mac to post on social media and create content for my courses. I also use a notebook because I teach note-taking techniques, and when I want to convey my message in writing, I write it by hand on my iPad.

Other than that, I often use my iPad as a secondary monitor, so I like a stand-type case. Also, the noise canceling function of AirPods is very useful, so they are an essential item around my office.

\\\ Ayamon's selection🎉Desk items//

1) Computer case "Flexible protection" PU leather MacBook cover


2) Keyboard & Mouse "Touchable Colorful"
Wireless Mouse & Keyboard


3) Computer Stand: "Modest and Multifunctional" PC/iPad Stand


4) "Moist Ratvit" Mini Humidifier


5) AirPods Case "Listenable Strap" AirPods Cover


6) Memo stand: "Decorate your feelings" Clip memo stand


What does your desk area look like?
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Next episode will be Ayamon's final episode!
We will introduce you to Ayamon's day in life.