[What's in my Bag?] A major IT company's office lady reveals her job and what's in her bag!

GAACAL supports women who work hard both at work and in their personal lives.

This time's GAACAL working female user is Aya, who works for a major IT company.

-What kind of work do you do?

"I've been working at an IT company since I graduated, and I'm currently planning a new service that utilizes AI. We have an office and a satellite office, and I can also work at a coworking space that we partner with, but I mostly work from home and do everything online."

▼Watch a video of Aya's day in the life

-Are there any rules for your work bag?

"I usually work from home, but when I visit sales offices or clients, I carry a work bag. My laptop is a necessity, and I also need to carry documents, so I use a simple, high-capacity genuine leather bag."


-Please tell us what GAACAL items you use.

"The genuine leather bag and scarf are simple and I use them when I go to work. They're large enough to fit all my work items inside, and the one-shoulder bag has thick handles so it's sturdy and easy to use. The scarf is large, so I can also use it as a lap blanket!"

"I only wear stylish bags and accessories on my days off. I only carry my smartphone, lipstick, keys, handkerchief, and card case when I go out."





▼Watch the video to see what's in Aya's bag for the holidays

Next time, we will introduce Aya 's desk tour. Please look forward to how to create a working environment for a small female entrepreneur who works wherever she likes.