Get the perfect work look with a leather band ♡ 5 Apple Watch bands for fall

If you use an Apple Watch band for work, you'll want to have one made of leather, which adds a business element.

This time, it has a moderate work feel to it.

"Looks expensive!"

Here are 5 GAACAL original leather bands we recommend for autumn and winter!

It's almost time to change into autumn clothes.
Why not enjoy autumn fashion this year with an Apple Watch band?

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1) "Accessory Watch"
PU Leather Apple Watch Band

PU leather Apple Watch band.

The luxurious finish makes it easy to wear in the office or other situations, and it feels just like an accessory. You can wear it just like a wristwatch.
Choose from 4 natural colors.

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2) "Daily Life of Adults"
PU Leather Apple Watch Band

It's simple, so it's easy to use.

The luxury of PU leather and its ease of care make it perfect for everyday use by adults.

The simple design without unnecessary decoration goes well with any scene or outfit.

There are 6 calm colors available.

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3) "Punk Breath"
Double-wrapped PU leather studs
Apple Watch Band
Made of PU leather with a distinctive long band.
Double wrap Apple Watch band.
You can wear it around your wrist like a bracelet.

The studs scattered throughout the piece add a nice accent and create a cool, crisp impression.
Choose from 5 different types, including stylish patterns.
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4) "Autumn and Winter Plover"
Brown houndstooth pattern
Apple Watch Band
A stylish Apple Watch band featuring the houndstooth pattern that was popular during the fall and winter.
The calm coloring is perfect for the upcoming season.
It goes great with leather-like parts.

Just put it on and you'll look stylish.
It goes well with casual styling.

The brown color tones go well with any outfit, and even in the cold season you'll find yourself wanting to roll up your sleeves to show them off.
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5) "Retro near-future"
Mixed material Apple Watch bands
The PU leather band and the luxurious metallic texture go well together.
MIX Apple Watch band.
The connecting parts have ample space like a chain, and the overall sleek, slender design gives off a smart and intellectual vibe.

Available in 5 colors that are easy to use in the office.
Today we have introduced some recommended bands for autumn and winter. All of the items introduced this time can be purchased for under 3,000 yen.

Try incorporating autumn and winter fashion into your hands too!