Free up your hands! 6 smartphone shoulder cases that are exploding in popularity this year

Smartphone shoulder cases are exploding in popularity this year. If you're going out for a one-mile trip, you can just use this one!
It holds your smartphone securely, so it's safe! Choose your favorite smartphone shoulder case to match your everyday situation and outfit.

◉ Smartphone shoulder bag product list

Removable!! 2-way smartphone case with strap

This is a 2-way smartphone case with a removable strap. You can wear it diagonally across your body or just take it out with you, and the strap can be removed, so you can use it according to your mood.

Available in three calm colors: brown, black, and pink, which can be easily matched with any outfit.

Woven cotton shoulder case

The strap is made of handmade cotton and has a gentle and elegant design. It is recommended for those who do not like metal straps and for mothers who have a lot of contact with small children.

In addition, it is recommended for walking with your dog because the strap is made of cotton, so hair does not get caught and it does not make noise. It is available in three colors: white, pink, and blue.

Smartphone shoulder bag with heart charm

This smartphone shoulder bag with an eye-catching biscuit-like heart charm adds a feminine touch to your outfit. The mixed gold and white chains add a sense of luxury, creating a mature and cute atmosphere without being too sweet.

The hidden heart on the charm metal fitting will appeal to girls even more.

Original designs that can only be purchased at GAACAL
Marble Smartphone Shoulder Bag

GAACAL original smartphone shoulder cases are handmade one by one.
The cool-looking clear case is painted with purple marble and accented with subtle glitter, giving it a sophisticated and sophisticated look.

It can be used as an accent for a simple outfit. It can also be used for daily use such as dates and moms' meetings. Smartphone shoulder cases are extremely popular this year. Highly recommended!!

When you're wearing a feminine outfit, your smartphone should look feminine too.

The pale pink shell-like design is accented with three pearls and a gold chain, creating an elegant and cute design.

The case is designed in a luxurious shell style and has a gentle pastel color with gold accents. It is a cute and grown-up item that is suitable for a girl's outfit for dates and outings.

The gold chain accented with three large pearls is beautiful and has a presence like an accessory. The strap is supported firmly at two points, so it is not only cute but also very stable.

Just take this one with you and go out! You can combine it however you like .

This smartphone shoulder bag can be combined freely. A flexible chain with movement and a trendy ball chain. Both chains are simple and easy to coordinate with any outfit.

You can choose from cases with pockets on the back for cards and AirPods, or cases with a belt to prevent the phone from falling out. If you're just going out for a short trip, you can leave light with just this one case.
If you're going to wear something every day, you want to choose the details yourself. Just like you would choose your favorite necklace, why not choose your neck strap too?

Have you found your favorite?
It holds your smartphone securely, so you don't have to worry about it dropping! There are also products with removable cases and straps, so you can enjoy them in two ways. Please try them out and find your favorite one.