2022-23 Autumn/Winter Trendy Colors | Smartphone Shoulder Bag Change 9 Days

The hot days are still continuing,
You can start to feel the footsteps of autumn in the gentle breeze and sounds of nature.

So, what I'm wondering is
Clothes for the fall/winter 2022-23 season.

This year, soft pastel colors and vivid colors are in the spotlight.
1) Barbie Pink <br>This year's popular pink is the vivid color that resembles a Barbie doll.

"It's too advanced to incorporate into clothing."
For such people, we recommend using an accent color away from the face.

It's easy to incorporate this into accessories such as shoes and bags. What you want to match is a patterned strap in a muted color!
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2) Very Peri The favorite is the bluish purple, Very Peri. It is a calm purple with an elegant atmosphere, making it a color that is easy for adult women to adopt.

Because it has a blue hue, it goes very well with silver.

The silver smartphone shoulder strap, which looks like an accessory, goes perfectly with this bag.
The dull pastel purple is recommended for dates and girls' nights out.
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3) Royal Blue <br>Royal blue, which has a depth like the deep sea, is a trendy color that is recommended for work.

By incorporating it somewhere, it will give you a sophisticated look without being too heavy compared to black.

It is also recommended to wear it with a jacket. A stylish silver accessory would be perfect to go with it.
If you want to tone it down, try patterns and pastel colors.
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4) Relaxing Green <br>While vibrant green was the mainstream in autumn and summer, pale green is likely to become more popular in autumn and winter.

It has a casual feel and is a color that is easy for adult women to wear.

How about linking it to your smartphone and coordinating it with GAACAL's exquisite colors?
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5) Sunshine Yellow <br>Sunshine yellow goes well with the white and beige clothes that you often wear to work.

The warm and gentle colour makes it a feminine look to wear with knitwear in the winter.

It's cute but not too sweet, which is a nice touch.
Add a little coolness with silver.
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6) Fire Red : A vivid and striking red that leans towards orange.
It really gets you in the mood for autumn!

Even if you are not so keen on pink, this might be an easy color to incorporate into your accessories. It's also cute to use it on your nails.

Surprisingly, gray and silver are good colors. It is also good to incorporate it into a smartphone shoulder bag.
On days off when you want to go see the autumn leaves, wear the same playful silver strap.
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It is recommended to incorporate colors that might require a little courage to wear in your clothes into your smartphone case as well.

With this smartphone shoulder strap, you can instantly transform your own smartphone case or a trendy color smartphone case into a smartphone shoulder bag!

In this cashless era, your hands are free.
Smartphone shoulder bags, which can be used like accessories, have become a new standard.

At the time of payment,
For commuting,
It's really convenient as it can be used quickly when taking photos!
Please try incorporating trendy colors and your favorite smartphone case.