"Little Concierge" 4-in-1 Customized Pouch

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① You can customize the number of pouches

Your bag won't be heavy, so you can move around freely.

It can be stored in a variety of bags, from mini shoulder bags to backpacks, so you can carry it with you in any outfit .

You can use it for both work and personal use without the hassle of refilling your pouch.

②You can see all your pouches at a glance.

You can see all your belongings at a glance, so you can rest assured that you won't forget anything even when you're traveling or going out with kids and carrying a lot of luggage!

It also helps reduce unnecessary spending when you're out and about, making it easy on the household budget.

③It can be rolled up to make it compact.

Although it has a large capacity, it can be folded up compactly, so your bag won't be full to the brim.

This creates more space in your bag, making it easier to find what you want and giving you more peace of mind.

4. Various sizes of pouches that can be used individually

If you keep sets of things that you use together, such as alcohol spray, hand cream, milk, and a baby bottle, things will go more smoothly!

Each pouch can be easily peeled off, so you can conveniently take out only what you need.

Comes with TPU , mesh and two waterproof pouches

You can rest assured that the contents will not get wet even in situations where water is involved, such as taking a bath when traveling or visiting a hometown, leisure activities at the beach or camping, or playing outside in the park.

Also, even if there are water droplets on it, like used shampoo or an empty cup, the TPU pouch will dry quickly and stay hygienic!


TPU/PU leather



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I wish there was a product like this! If the goal is achieved, the product will be commercialized.

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