Trending words! We will tell you the top 5 smartphone shoulder bags that are selling now.

It seems to be very cold across the country this week, so your hands will get cold when holding your smartphone on your way to work.

This time, we'll be talking about the "smartphone shoulder bag," which made it into the top 10 of the Buzzword Awards.

This is a popular smartphone shoulder bag at GAACAL.
Recently, new items have been added one after another, so the options are increasing.

Today, we will introduce some of these smartphone shoulder bags.
Introducing the popular new smartphone shoulder bag!

GAACAL original elegant smartphone shoulder strap


It's packed with everything you could want, including a mirror, card holder, and rings.
GAACAL original design!

Spring-like colors and
The elegant gold design is also a secret to its popularity.

All the colors are mature and cute,
"Blue" was popular during the live broadcast.

Even though it's blue,
The greyish blue colour makes it easy to use for work.

Pearl Chain Smartphone Shoulder Bag


This eye-catching smartphone shoulder bag features a pearl shoulder strap and pink leather-like design.

The back can also hold cards.

Can be worn on the hands during commuting
The belt type is convenient!

Its popularity is gradually increasing.

Scrunchie x Brown
Belt smartphone shoulder bag

This is a smartphone shoulder bag with a scrunchie handle.
We also sell just the case.

Fur is cute in winter ♡
Belt shoulder

This one has a fur handle, so cute!
The checked case has a wintery feel to it, so I recommend it for this time of year.

The popular bear,
Together anywhere!
Smartphone Shoulder Bag


A bear on the handle.
This is a smartphone shoulder bag that will tickle the playful side of adults.

Recommended for those who want to be soothed!

The "smartphone shoulder bag" has become a popular catchphrase.
GAACAL is also evolving every day!

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