Buy this! The top 5 best buys from our staff for 2022 revealed♡

"I recently found out about GAACAL!
The products are so cute♡

We have been receiving more and more comments like this recently.
Buying something from a store you just discovered
It takes a bit of courage.
So today,
From the perspective of staff who have seen a variety of products

"Buy this first and you won't go wrong!"
I'd like to introduce some of the GAACAL godly items that I actually purchased last year.

No. 5 | Apple Watch charging stand


I never knew a stand could be so useful!
The cute astronauts as interior decorations are also soothing ♡

4th place | Adult Notebook


I've bought a lot of notebooks so far.
I really love the look of this notebook!!!
Another plus is its excellent storage capacity.

It's a loose leaf type so you can write your schedule in it
It will give your planner a makeover!

3rd place | Smartphone shoulder bag with card case


I love it so much that I bought it in black and beige.
I never thought the back card case would be so convenient!

The recently released GAAACAL original shoulder bag
It was so cute I made a reservation.

No. 2 | Stylish Frame


The slim, matte frame gives a sophisticated and sophisticated impression with any band.

This was the frame that appeared most frequently in 2022.
New colors are now available, including this season's green frame and black, which is also recommended for men!

No. 1 |Magnet Band


This is the clear number one!
Not only are they cute, but they are also comfortable to use.
I bought a lot of different colors.

Staff Real Buy
Did you like the recommended items?

I hope this will be helpful for your first GAACAL.