What kind of autumn will you have this year? 6 recommended items to enrich your time at home during the long autumn nights

Hello. I'm Minami, an editorial staff member.
The sun sets earlier now and autumn is well underway.

Whether you're going out or enjoying the long autumn nights at home,
Today we will introduce 6 miscellaneous items that will enrich your long autumn nights.

I'm the type who likes to go out in autumn, the season for outings and appetites.
Autumn is the season for reading, the arts, and the like. I like to spend the long autumn nights at home reflecting on myself.
How will you spend your autumn?


Autumn is the season for outings

It's almost the season when you want to go see the autumn leaves.
If you go a little further and visit a place where the autumn leaves are beautiful,
I want to put my camera, cold weather gear, and souvenirs in it.

We recommend a type that is light, durable, has a large capacity, and can be worn over the shoulder!

It is a large capacity type with a gusset of 44 x 31 x 26 cm and is made of durable canvas.

"Monochrome Luggage"
2way canvas tote bag

Autumn of Arts


For those who want to try something new on their iPad this year,
Protective case for Apple Pencil.

Make sure to create a place for your Apple Pencil, which tends to get lost.
It's very thin and light, so it's also great for sketching or video editing on the go.

"Special seat for one person"
Apple Pencil protective case



Autumn is a time to reflect on yourself


An A5 size loose-leaf notebook for sophisticated adults.
The PU leather cover and gold logo make you feel rich every time you open it.

What are you thinking about now, your future goals,
Why not write about your hobbies?
If you write in a notebook like this, your dreams will come true!

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"Adult Note"
Loose-leaf notebook with magnetic buttons


Autumn reading


The carpet under your feet is soft and cute with a bear design.
Stay warm and relaxed.
It's rabbit fur, but it's reasonably priced.

It feels so soft to the touch that it feels like it's melting.

"Bear in the room"

Beauty Autumn


Even if you're busy, you still want to take care of your skin.
This is for those who prefer autumn beauty products.

It is designed as a tray, so you can put your accessories and keys in there when you get home.
No need to search again in the morning.
You can then remove your makeup while looking in the mirror and relax.

"Before I go."
Mirrored tray

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Autumn in XX. What kind of autumn will you have?

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"Just having it nearby" PU leather card and coin case

"Palm Pocket" PU Leather Coin Case

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