The smash hit band is now available in three new, autumnal, adult colors.

We have all the autumn colors for adults.

This time it's a very popular item
"Take Me With You in Autumn" Resin Apple Watch Band <br>Introducing three new autumn colors.

Ash Rose, a color for mature women

A rich, feminine color that conveys the charm of a mature woman.

Great for dates and autumn/winter events
It brings out a sense of "adult cuteness " from your hands .

Trend! Gray green

The colour of interest for 2022 is green.
The autumn/winter trend is evolving towards milky colors.

Another great thing about this item is that it's a greyish green, so it's easy to match with everyday clothes.

Autumn-like! Representative color: brown

In autumn and winter, you'll want to wear brown clothes to match the beautiful autumn leaves.
Match the band to your outfit in the same color to bring autumn into your hands.

The most popular is tortoiseshell

The most popular standard color is
This stylish tortoiseshell piece will add an accent just by wearing it.

White is easy to match

White can be used in any season or occasion.
The soft white color will look good on anyone.

It's also cute to wear it with a white knit in winter.

+ Frame for a more stylish look♡

A matte frame gives it a stylish look, a sparkly frame adds a touch of glamour, and the impression can change dramatically with just one frame.

[Top right] Matte and delicate frame
"Stylish frame"
Matte Apple Watch Frame

[Bottom right] Great for parties and dates too ♡
"Shine Frame"
Apple Watch Frame with Diamond Cut Stones

"Take Autumn with Me"
Resin Apple Watch Band

This Apple Watch band is made of resin and is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The simple yet luxurious design
It can be used for everyday use as well as for work and going out in any situation.

It is a very light and water-resistant material,
Comfortable even during sports or exercise that makes you sweat.

Available in a wide range of 6 colors, you can combine it with the same color frame (sold separately) to create a
For a more unified and stylish customization.

There are also discounts available for purchase as a set.

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Today we are introducing new colors for the popular Apple Watch band.
What colour did you like?

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