Change your Apple Watch band for a week!

This is staff member Minami.

Do you have an Apple Watch band?
How many types do you have?
For a long time, I had only used the band that came with my Apple Watch.

It didn't bother me and I didn't feel the need to choose anything else.

But after I got a few bands, I found it really fun to change them up each day to match my outfit, mood, plans, etc.!

"Just like choosing your clothes every day,
I want to be able to change Apple Watch bands just like I change accessories!

That's how I think now.
Today I would like to show you my actual outfit changes for the week.

[Starting work on Monday!]

"Basic Chain" Apple Watch Band
The start of the week
I want to switch into work mode
Choose a business-like silver band!

The rough chain design is
It goes well with the chunky silver accessories I've been wearing a lot lately.

The band is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to fading.

[Outside the office! Tuesday]

Magnetic PU Leather Apple Watch Band
On days when you plan to be out on the road, you can wear it easily even on hot days.
Dress up with a magnetic design for a neat look!
Another great thing about it is that if you sweat, you can wipe it off quickly!

[Mood-change ♡ Wednesday]

Double Wrap PU Leather Apple Watch Band
Wrap it around your wrist twice for a stylish look.
Change your mood during your lunch break with this PU leather Apple Watch band, which features a long band !

It's a bit hot, but
The breezy terrace seats feel great!

[Photo shoot date! Thursday]
"Light Band"
Plastic Apple Watch Bands
Select a white band that's perfect for summer!

I added a sparkly frame to add some sparkle and femininity.

GAACAL's extremely popular product, the "Lightweight Band," is as light as its name suggests, so you hardly feel like you're wearing it, which makes it extremely useful when taking photos.

[PC DAY! Friday]

"Lightweight Band" Plastic Apple Watch Band
Today I mainly work on computers.
When I use a computer, I can see my hands.
Choose a tortoiseshell pattern to lift your spirits.

The same "lightweight band" as on Thursday is made of tortoiseshell with a black frame for a slightly more unique look.

Even with the same basic design band,
Another feature of lightweight bands is that they can be personalized with different colors and frames.

[I was looking forward to it! Saturday]

"Painted with particles of light"
Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band
The weekend has finally arrived.
I was invited to a friend's wedding, which was a very family-only event.

It would be too casual if it was left as it is,
The band will also be dressed up a little more glamorously.
It sparkles beautifully every time you move your hand.

[Sunday, the day I go to yoga]

Apple Watch band with integrated frame
I ate too much yesterday so today is a maintenance day!

When I go to the gym or do yoga
Perfect for exercise
The only option is a plastic band that is integrated into the frame!

The simple, straight-line design of this sports watch will motivate you to exercise.
It's also lightweight and easy to care for, which is great for exercise!

Today I'll be showing you how to change your Apple Watch for the week.
I've introduced you to my band outfits for the week.

If it is ok,
Your outfit for the week
Please let me know!!

"I'm interested in this band
I want you to try it out in real life!"
I'm looking forward to such requests too.