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Nowadays, just like choosing your clothes every day, choosing your smartphone case or strap has become a part of fashion.
" Smartphone shoulder bags are popular, so I want to try one out!" But I already have a favorite case.
I wonder what to do..
Today I would like to introduce a product to you.
It is not well known in Japan yet, but just by inserting it into your smartphone case ,
There is an item that can easily be transformed into a shoulder strap, which is popular these days.

It comes with a shoulder logo holder that comes in 11 different designs for "adult dress-up"!

It's very easy to use, just insert the holder between your smartphone cases.
This is a great product that allows you to transform your current case into a smartphone shoulder bag by connecting a strap to the holder.
When searching for a case, many people have probably had the experience of wanting something cute but being frustrated by not being able to find anything that fits their model.

What's revolutionary about this holder is that you simply "clip" it onto your existing smartphone case.
If your case has a smartphone charging hole on the bottom, no matter what model it is, you can easily transform your case into a shoulder strap by simply clipping the holder onto it.

The holder with the GAACAL logo is extremely thin at 0.5mm, so you can attach it with the shoulder strap still attached.
It can be charged.
When you get on the train, you can hang it on your shoulder, touch the IC card, hang it around your neck, and take photos.
It can be used in 3 ways , such as wearing it diagonally when commuting,
It's very convenient to use as it leaves both hands free.
The length is adjustable with metal fittings that keep it securely in your preferred position, so you can use it as either a neck strap or a shoulder strap.
You can choose from 11 different colors and patterns to suit your taste .

The design is simple, so it goes well with anything, and can be used by both men and women .
From now on, you can attach it to a waterproof smartphone case and take it to the beach,
It's also great to take camping as it leaves your hands free.

It's convenient to have two colors so you can change them out depending on your outfit or the occasion.
Try dressing it up to match your outfit and the occasion!