Recommended for the casual type! 3 GAACAL work bags

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"GAACAL has other products besides smartphone shoulder straps and Apple Watch bands!
The other products are cute too♡

I sometimes hear comments like this.

That's right!!

In fact, GAACAL sells a wide range of products including accessories, bags, and interior items.

Today, we asked a casual GAACAL user to tell us about his favorite commuter bag.


"Monochrome Luggage"
2way canvas tote bag


A slim tote bag made of canvas with a simple design.

The monochrome design is also a secret to its popularity.

"I have a lot of black and white clothes, so it's easy to match them."

Tote bags tend to look casual, but she likes this one because it gives a neat look!

Large capacity white canvas
2way bag tote bag


Although it is a 2-way bag, it can actually be used in three ways: as a shoulder bag, shoulder strap, or hand-held bag.

This large capacity canvas tote is recommended for those who carry a lot of work items.

"You can even go on an overnight trip on Friday!"

It can hold a lot, so it's recommended for overnight trips or for the gym where you need to change clothes.

It has six pockets so your things won't get lost.


Smart in One 2-way canvas tote bag

If you don't carry a computer
It is the most convenient size.
Comes with a pouch made of the same material.

"It's small, but
It can also hold a lunch box and a water bottle."

The handles are thin and it's a tote,
It gives a neat impression.
It makes you look feminine.


Elegant pockets
PU Leather Mini Bag


Lastly, our staff recently purchased
For those who prefer smaller bags
Introducing some recommended bags.
Already a favorite!

This is recommended for those who only need a smartphone, lipstick, keys, and a small wallet.

A 2-way mini bag with magnetic closure.

The luxurious feel of the PU leather and the simple knitted design are really cute.

It was such a hit item this month that I wanted to buy it in different colors.

"I'm not very good with smartphone shoulder straps..."

It is also recommended as a sub-bag to carry with you on your commute.

What kind of bag do you use for commuting?


A wide selection of cute and adult-friendly goods♡


GAACAL offers a wide range of cute, adult-oriented goods to enrich your everyday life.

New products are released every week so be sure to check out the website!

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