Morning preparation before staff come to work. Morning routine

It's getting colder, and it's becoming harder to get up in the morning and get out of bed.

What kind of morning do you spend?

Today, the GAACAL editorial staff
Introducing a morning routine surrounded by GAACAL products.


7:00AM Wake up

In the morning, I wake up with the vibration of my Apple Watch.

If you stop waking up to alarm sounds,
The day starts gently.

The band is a magnetic type that doesn't come off while you sleep and doesn't hurt.

When you wake up, charge it until you go out.

The pajamas are made of cotton and feel nice against the skin.


7:15 AM Diary Time

Take a little time in the morning to face yourself.
Accompany it with this uplifting notebook.


7:30AM Getting ready

Put everything you need for getting ready here.

Use hair clips to hold your hair in place.

It comes with a mirror so you can use it for both skin care and makeup.

The hair clip is convenient because it stays in place and doesn't fall off.


Departure at 8:00 AM

Save the small items for last.

I coordinate my smartphone, bag, and accessories to increase my motivation for work.

I'm in the mood for a latte colored band.
It looks neat and is perfect for work.

A delicate ring that makes your hands look beautiful.
Metal Open Ring

PU leather bag with inner bag.
It comes with a large freestanding pouch.

You can also just use the pouch.

How was it?
That was the morning routine for staff on recent days when they came to work.

What kind of morning habits do you have?
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