GAACAL MAKER | Staff Product Planning STEP 1 "Item Selection"

Hello ^^

I am currently creating my own products at "GAACAL MAKER".

I had experience making handmade items,
(I was making accessories.)

This is my first time having something produced at a factory or asking a company to do it.

I would also like to introduce the differences between handmade products and non-handmade products.

The first step in commercializing a product is to decide on the items.

We will decide which items to make after consulting with the person in charge.

Items that are difficult to make,
Some items have set types of arrangements, and sometimes your "I want something like this!" request can come true.

Among the many items given,
After consulting with our followers, we decided on a total of six products.

Divide this into several parts,
It has been decided that it will be released.

This time I'm making:
Ribbon seal sealing stamp
PC Case
AirPods Case Band

Easy for adults to use,
I would like to make it an item that stands out in photos and videos.

The next step will be making a sample !
I'm really looking forward to it coming up.

I'll introduce it to you again next week.
On Instagram, we post stories every day about our work and the latest product developments.

We would be happy if you could participate in the production of this product!