[GAACAL MAKER] Product planning by staff begins!

I'm staff member Minami.

At GAACAL, I work in the operations department, producing videos and social media content as well as working on actual store operations.

GAACAL has been known for its "adult cute"
I've been selling miscellaneous goods.
This spring, GAACAL will be launching a new service called "GAACALMAKER."

From product production to sales,
This is an innovative service in which GAACAL provides support including marketing.

As one of our staff members, I was given the opportunity to try out this service before it is fully launched.

Actually, I love making things and there was a time when I worked as a handmade accessory maker.

However, I had the bitter experience of being unable to continue because the effort and costs involved in production, sales, distribution, inventory management, shipping, and packaging were all so difficult.

→This is how I was active

We will be introducing this service on our blog over the course of about a month, comparing it with what happened back then, so we hope you will take a look.

We also communicate on Instagram about the progress of our services and post information in real time.

Why I want to develop products

"I want to try making things!"
"I want to start my own business!"
I want to sell my own products!
"I want to know more about GAACAL MAKER!"

We will continue to do our best to be of service to all of you, so thank you for your continued support!
Staff Minami