\What color will you be promoting this spring? /Monotone x your favorite color is cute!


This is a GAACAL staff member.

It's getting a little warmer,
Don't you feel like changing your clothes, bands, and smartphone shoulder bags to spring colors?

This time, we will be introducing "cute clothes for adults𓂃♡" clothing brand 𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐊𝐈/Meraki's


To match your monochrome outfit,
I tried coordinating it with spring colored items from GAACAL.

This is Purple.

I took the photo like this↓

The matching band is the most popular magnetic band, which comes in a wide range of colors.


The frames are also selected in the same color.

I tried coordinating them with each of their favorite colors.

A pale green was selected to match the color of Takarazuka's favorite idol.


If you match it to a monochrome color like this,
This makes the colorful items stand out even more.

We also introduce it in the video below.

What colour are you all going to like this spring?

This time, we have items that match GAACAL's items.
Meraki 's clothes are also very cute, so please check out their website too♡

▼One Piece

▼ Bustier & Skirt

This time's user model 🫧
💍Jewelry Designer | Rina
170cm, wavy bone structure, pretty

💗Love Counselor | Reina
148cm, straight bone structure, cute

📱Short video editor | Eri
149cm, straight bone structure, casual style

⌚️GAACAL minami
151cm, straight bone structure, casual style