GAACAL staff all have matching smartphone shoulder bags!

The New Year's mood is about to fade,
Everyday life is returning to normal.

When I go to work, I notice
The amount of matching items the staff wears lol
The one we would like to introduce this time is a smartphone shoulder bag.


"Pochette case"
Smartphone shoulder bag with card case


The back is a card case, making it easy to use.
Everyone needs an employee ID and a transportation card!

Other items include sports and gym cards.
It's convenient to keep frequently used cards in it so you don't have to search for them all the time.

And next we have many staff members who are aiming for
This is my top recommended smartphone shoulder bag👇👇
GAACAL Original
Multifunctional genuine leather smartphone shoulder bag

This is a completely GAAACAL original item .
This is amazing...
It contains everything you want!
A mirror for when you want to check something
Convenient card storage for commuting and shopping
Convenient ring for easy operation
Moreover, the color seems like it will be useful in the future.
The muted spring colors are just too cute...♡
This will also be a common sight in the office haha
This is a pre-order item for release in February.
I can't wait for it to arrive♡
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Please check!