\Multifunctional and convenient! / Summary of GAACAL handy fans

Handy fans have been extremely popular in recent years!

This time, it's not just cute,

We would like to introduce you to GAAAL's multifunctional handheld fan, which can be used in a variety of ways.

"Summer Buddy" Handy Fan with Ring

Comes with a ring. Great for attaching to bags or clothes!

Product number: z00768

"With the Wind" Handy Fan with Carabiner

It can be used on a desk and can also be used as a smartphone stand!
Recommended for companies.

Product number: z00767

3) "Together with the Wind" 2-way handy fan

It looks like a toy camera ♡
This convenient fan can be worn around your neck and has great wind power!

Product number: z00567

4) Neck fan for a breeze anytime

Neck fans that you can wear around your neck while working are so stylish!


Were there any fans that caught your eye?

By the way, the most popular among the GAACAL staff was
It looks like a toy camera!

It's a rare design,
The reason for its popularity is that it can be worn around the neck.

GAACAL also has many other summer goods.
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