Summary of GAACAL's new summer bags

It's finally July! Summer is here!
This time, we will introduce some bags that you will want to use in the summer.

1) A large-capacity 2-way bag that can be used as an extension of your everyday life

Available in SM sizes!
Available in a wide range of clear colors that are perfect for your favorite idol activities.
The M size has a large capacity that can even fit a computer.

Product number: s00027

"Splash-resistant" large-capacity waterproof PVC bag

Large capacity ♡ Great for going to the pool or the beach!
You can choose from two types.

Product number: b00179

"Shoulder Hat" Cotton Round Shoulder Bag

It looks like a straw hat and is so cute!
Soft cotton shoulder bag Product number: b00175

4) Bucket bag with 3 ways to carry it

This bucket bag is recommended for those who like a neat look.
Product number: b00176

"Natural Pochette" PU leather mini shoulder bag

Convenient card storage.
Smartphone and a little luggage!

Product number: b00214

How was it?
This time we introduced GAACAL's new bags.

There are many other bags available, so check out the website!