Introducing the interesting "working girl" next door | Love counselor Reina


I'm a little curious about the job of the working woman next door.
At GAACAL, we introduce working female GAACAL users who work hard both at their jobs and in their personal lives on our blog and Instagram.

Today's working girl is Reina, a love counselor.

After graduating from university, Reina worked in a variety of jobs, including as a freelance announcer, a love fortune teller, and a pet shop manager.

She currently works online as a love counselor, utilizing her own romantic experiences, her counseling experience as a fortune teller, and the likable manners and appearance skills she learned while working as an announcer, as well as the interpersonal conversation skills.

💗Love counselor Reina's account

What does a relationship counselor do?

"Even though I call it love counseling, there is more than one type of work. Matching men and women who are likely to be compatible and helping them get to that point is one type of work. I also provide the necessary advice to meet the ideal partner, so online interviews are the core of my work."

"The other main focus is love advice. I also post on social media, and I often get contacted by clients who have just experienced a breakup. I used to be a fortune teller specializing in love, so I've received a lot of love advice, and now people rely on me so much that I'm even called the 'Love Health Room Doctor.'"

"I myself am planning to get married this year, so I hope to be able to help many more people who are having trouble with love by drawing on my own experience of marriage."

▼Check out Reina's work in the video

-What's in Reina's work bag, a love counselor-

"I use a large, sturdy bag because I carry my laptop around with me. The one I'm using now is a pretty beige bag with a small ribbon. I also put notebooks and other things in it, so it's important that it has a large gusset and can hold a lot."

・Computer stand ・Notebook ・Pen case ・Smartphone ・AirPods
・Card cases ・Handkerchiefs

"I've decided on my own color, so I try to keep my belongings as soft and beige as possible. I use GAACAL notebooks and smartphone cases."

-Reina, the love counselor's desk-

・Computer stand
・Desk storage tray
・Keyboard & Mouse
·pencil case

"I often have online interviews, and a computer stand is essential for adjusting the height of the front camera."

"Because I'm a former announcer, I often receive advice on appearance and how to respond to the opposite sex. I keep a mirror on my desk so that I can give advice myself, and I always check my appearance before the interview."

▼Watch the video to see what's in Rena's bag

This time we introduced the work of Reina, a love counselor.
What kind of "working girl" do you like?

Next time we will introduce working women who work with flowers.
looking forward to!

Used by Reina in the video
GAACAL items are here↓

▼Apple Watch bands and frames

▼ Mirror

▼Keyboard & mouse set
"Touchable Colorful" Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

▼Pen case


▼ Sticker

▼Desk storage stand

▼Smartphone shoulder bag

▼Business card holder

▼Airpods case