Introducing the interesting "working girl" next door | Shiho, the online florist

I'm a little curious about the job of the working woman next to me.

Today we would like to introduce the work of Shiho , a GAACAL user who works with flowers.

Today's Working Girl Introduction
Online florist & flower appraiser Shiho


Please tell us about your work with flowers.

With the motto of "Calm your mind with flowers," we choose flowers that perfectly match the person's feelings and personality.
I select flowers based on their psychological effects, create and deliver bouquets and arrangements, and also hold regular flower lessons.

In addition, we also hold "flower card sessions" to give a push to those who are unsure about their relationships, partnerships, futures, and directions.

⁡Please tell us what made you start working with flowers.

I've always loved flowers, but when I had a miscarriage with my first child, I was in despair every day.

When I was blaming myself and I couldn't do anything, my husband said, "Let's decorate the room with flowers for the baby who was lost." ⁡ At that time, flowers saved me. ⁡ Even when I couldn't think of anything, ⁡ flowers gently supported me and healed me. ⁡

I was finally able to accept that my baby had died and move on.

From this experience, I want many people to be healed by flowers and become more positive.
I started this activity because I wanted to increase the number of smiles!

When do you feel most rewarded by your work?

My motto is "Calm your mind with flowers," so I'm really happy when people say, "Flowers really healed me! They gave me energy!"

We often receive orders for bouquets and arrangements as gifts for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other special occasions.

In those cases, I ask the person what they are thinking and select flowers that suit their feelings.
I am so happy when someone says to me, "I'm glad I asked Shiho!" (laughs)

Also, during the flower card session, I received comments like, "I was able to reexamine my feelings! It felt right!" and "After talking to Shiho, I felt refreshed and will do my best for the next step!", and I was able to truly feel that "flowers can help me to heal my mind."

When do you feel like your job is difficult?

The difficult part is when choosing flowers, and the flowers the person wants are not in season. In such cases, I suggest that they choose flowers that have a psychological effect instead.

Also, because flowers are living things, I take great care to make sure they are fresh and free of insects when they reach the customer, but I still feel anxious until they reach the customer.

Flower card sessions are done one-on-one online, but it can be a bit chaotic if my son is awake. I usually do them between 10pm and 11pm after I put my son to bed.

⁡Please tell us about the work bag you use.⁡

I have a two-year-old boy who is in the middle of the terrible twos, so I use a MUJI backpack so that he can always move around with agility. It has lots of pockets, is lightweight and doesn't hurt your shoulders, so it's easy to use.

What do you carry in your work bag?

I like to learn a lot, so I carry a schedule book and a notebook with me so I can output it at any time. I also always carry snacks to make my son happy and aroma spray to make myself happy.

This aroma spray is also a good luck charm because it is the aroma that suited me during the subconscious aroma session I took the other day.

⁡What 's in Shiho's work bag on the day of her flower lesson

・Notebook ・Smartphone ・Cosmetic pouch (for touch-up items such as lipstick)
-Storage pouch (for things you are studying, schedules, etc.)
・Aroma spray ・Handkerchief ・Flower lesson text⁡

⁡What is your motivation for giving flower lessons?

My core is "calming the mind with flowers."
Flowers are something that will eventually wither and die, so it's a waste to buy them.
I think many people don't like to decorate with flowers because changing the water is a hassle.

We also offer suggestions for flowers that are easy to incorporate into your home even for those who don't normally decorate with flowers, and flowers that last a long time, so we hope you will enjoy a life filled with the healing power of flowers.

And for those who are worried about raising children, their future careers or direction, or their partnerships, relationships, or romance,⁡it is effective to take the time to reexamine themselves through a flower card session,⁡so I try to provide them with "time to take care of themselves."⁡

⁡A message to those who are reading this blog⁡

I know everyone is busy, but when you're tired or going through a difficult time, try decorating yourself with a flower, even if it's just one flower. I'm sure you'll feel a little more in tune with your emotions.

We not only accept flower orders for loved ones, but also accept flower card sessions as a way to take time to look after yourself, so if you're interested, please check out our Instagram.

Online Florist & Flower Appraiser
Shiho Mr. Miss.