[For those with natural bone structure] All under 2,000 yen! 5 recommended high-end looking accessories

The casual and natural atmosphere is appealing.
Natural bone structure

Today, our staff, who are qualified in bone structure diagnosis, will introduce GAACAL's recommended bands and accessories for people with a natural bone structure.


▼Characteristics of Natural


・Casual to natural clothing suits you ・Body frame that shows bones rather than flesh ・Large and long limbs ・Broad shoulders and high waist


▼Characteristics of accessories that suit you


・Items with volume ・Natural, casual design ・Items made from natural materials ・Matte texture ・Unique design


Recommended GAACAL products


1) "A reliable all-rounder"
2 piece ear cuff set

A design with a natural feel.
Two-piece set with various ways to wear.


2) Marble pattern
Natural stone style x gold plate earrings

Materials found in nature are perfect♡
The key point is the natural stone-like matte texture.


3) "Skip-the-line fashion"
Silver ring set of 2

The large, striking design will make you look even more stylish!
This is a great value 2-piece ring set.
Can also be layered!


4) "Skillful Adult"
Freshwater Pearl Bangle

A striking bracelet with a matte freshwater pearl design.
The metal fittings are designed with a natural and unique shape.


5) "Multifunctional Bracelet"
Metal Apple Watch Bands

Turquoise color and various materials
A unique mixed design.

It's a design that suits the coming season.


How was it?
We have introduced accessories recommended for people with a natural body type.

Depending on your bone structure, there are designs that look good on you and designs that don't.
The most important thing is whether you like it or not .

GAACAL has a wide variety of designs, so you're sure to find one you like!

Please try looking for it on the site.