\\GAACAL's first fan event was held//

Last weekend, GAACAL held its first ever fan event.

In this post,
Let us give you a little glimpse into what it's like!

We also introduce the video on Instagram ▼

GAACAL Fan Event ・・・・・・・・・・・・

This time the event will be divided into two parts!

The first part was a "product experience session."
They had the opportunity to try out GAACAL's popular and new products.

Of course, the popular notebooks and bands
There are also many products that you can only see on this occasion, including the new handheld fan!

In the second part, we talked about "Tips for Photography" and gave tips on how to take photos of products with your smartphone.

The photos you took of the products were amazing...

Some participants even posted their photos on social media.
The staff is also very impressed.




Since this was the first time we held the event, we went all out!
The souvenirs were truly luxurious.

In addition to the accessory case I mentioned earlier,
You can even enjoy stylish bouquets of flowers, sweets, and your favorite items to take home.


Participants' comments


"I want you to do it again!"

"It was so much fun."

"I'll come even if I don't need a gift."

We received comments such as the following.

There are some things I noticed after holding the event,
The staff are also talking about how they hope to make various improvements and hold the event in the fall or later.

From the staff:

This is the first time this event has been held,
We were also feeling our way through the event.

I am truly grateful to everyone who participated.

It was a very valuable opportunity as it is rare to have the chance to talk to actual users.

We had customers actually wear the products.
I was so happy!

Your thoughts on the product,
All of the feedback, such as actual usage scenarios of the product, was very valuable.
We will use this information in future product development, etc.

Above all, I was happy to see that all the participants were having a great time talking to each other.
I felt so warm and fuzzy and I'm so glad I planned this event.

Thank you so much for participating this time!
Please join us again if you have the opportunity.