The latest trends! 3 smartphone shoulder straps

Hello! This is Minami, one of our staff members.
Today I would like to introduce something that I think is a hit!

For example, the store's products include classic, popular items such as Apple Watch bands, as well as items that become popular each season or year.

I feel like smartphone shoulder straps are trending this year.

The smartphone case has a shoulder strap, which is great because it leaves both hands free. I have a habit of leaving my smartphone in all sorts of places, so I always start by looking for it when I go out.

Since I started using it, I can always keep it on my shoulder, and it's easy to see where it is, so I don't have to waste time looking for my smartphone.

*My current favorite item ("Smartphone Harness" 2-way smartphone case with strap, BLACK)

◆Recommended points
- Comes with a removable strap.
-The connection part does not interfere with your smartphone, so there is no need to worry about scratching the device.
・Recommended for those who wear a lot of casual clothes. It also goes well with a cap style.

We also often hear from mothers with small children that once they use this, they can't go back to the original case.
Just the other day I was taking a walk in the park with a friend who has a 10-month-old baby.
A while ago, I changed my smartphone case to a shoulder type,
I remembered her saying, "That's great because it leaves both hands free!" so that day I decided to bring along a bunch of GAACAL recommended smartphone shoulder bags for her to try out.
Furthermore, at Mother's Brain

"My brain isn't working!"

That seems to be a common occurrence. So a shoulder bag is very useful as it allows you to easily grab your smartphone and prevent it from getting lost.

That being said, everyone was pleased with everything.

◆Recommended points
-The strap is handmade from hand-knitted cotton and feels very soft against the skin.
-It is also recommended for mothers with children as it does not hurt when holding a baby.
・The unified atmosphere created by the popular muted colors gives it a mature and cute look.
It's also a great gift for moms with children.
Shoulder-type wallets are not only great for preventing the wallet from dropping or getting lost, but they are also easy to grab and use in an increasingly cashless society, and there's no need to put them back in your pocket after use.

Of course, I want to capture this moment!
Another advantage is that you can quickly take a photo without missing any cute moments.

◆Recommended points
- Chain can be removed and strap length can be adjusted.
- It can be used depending on your mood, and is popular among office ladies as it is suitable for the office.

Choose from the wide variety of smartphone shoulder straps available.
This time we will introduce three popular products.
Click here for a list of smartphone shoulder cases↓

Which type of smartphone shoulder bag we introduced this time do you like best?