Turn your case into a shoulder case!

We live in an age where smartphones are part of our outfits. Not only is it great for preventing your smartphone from dropping or getting lost, but it also allows you to grab it quickly in an increasingly cashless lifestyle, and you don't have to put it back in your pocket after using it. This "Easy Shoulder Strap" is the perfect item for going out with your hands free and light.

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You can charge it as it is! No need to remove it!

The strap holder can be set by simply placing it between the soft case and the smartphone body, so there is no need to remove it every time you charge it.

Easy-to-attach and detach smartphone strap

It can be put on and taken off with one touch. You can freely change the strap to suit your mood. It is easy to change just the strap depending on your mood that day, or remove it when you don't need it.

3WAY shoulder, neck, and crossbody

It is a stylish item that can be worn over the shoulder, around the neck, or across the body, and can be worn over the shoulder like a shoulder bag.

You can adjust it to your desired length

The metal fittings, which resemble a figure eight, hold the strap in place and fix it to your desired length after you adjust it. It can be used as either a neck strap or a shoulder strap.

Applicable models

Compatible with all smartphones that have a charging hole on the bottom of the smartphone case

Can be used by both men and women!

The nylon strap of the smartphone shoulder bag can be used widely, regardless of gender or coordination.

●Product details


You can carry your iPhone with both hands free, and because the case holds your smartphone securely, you can quickly check the screen, make calls, and take photos. It's extremely easy to use and is perfect for everyday use, as well as outdoors and at festivals!
Carry your smartphone like a mini bag and enjoy stylish and lightweight outings.