7 Valentine's Day gifts other than chocolate that men will love

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Valentine's Day is coming soon ♡

"I want to give chocolate to someone, but they don't like sweet things."
"I want to give you something along with the chocolate!"

Today we have a gift idea for someone like that.

Our staff asked male Apple Watch users about products that men would be happy to receive.

1) Apple Watch Bands
Many men still use the band that came with the watch, and many don't even think about changing the band.

Having a silver band that matches a suit for work days, a casual band that goes well with casual clothes, or an integrated band designed specifically for sports will allow you to expand your coordination options and enjoy fashion.

Even if they don't like matching items that are immediately recognizable, many men seem to feel that "it might be okay to wear matching bands in different colors that only the two of you can recognize."

The following items are actually popular items purchased by men in stores.
It comes in different colors and
is recommended to be worn as a pair.

"If you're not sure what color to choose, black is the way to go!" is the man's opinion.



This is a band whose male members also post outfit photos on Instagram.

The men who visit our store tend to choose black or silver, while women tend to choose matte silver or pink gold.


The silver band is perfect for work and looks good on men's sturdy hands. It has a magnet so you don't have to worry about the size of your wrist.
It is a popular item that sells out as soon as it arrives in stores.


If you want to send a frame together, this is recommended!
A frame that suits any band, whether in business or private settings.

(Please be careful not to make a mistake with the main body size.)


2) Charger
Chargers are also popular items that make great small gifts.
This is a useful item that I recommend for men who have both an iPhone and an Apple Watch.
You can keep it on your desk and use it whenever you want.


I recommend this charger to him as he travels a lot for business trips, and it will reduce the amount of luggage he has to carry.

3) Computer Cases
Men often put their laptops directly into their bags. Many people think that Macs look cool without any accessories, so laptop cases are more popular than laptop covers.
Carrying your precious computer in a case will protect it from scratches and make it look smart.


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