[Desk Tour] How a working woman at a major IT company sets up her desk at home

GAACAL supports women who work hard both at work and in their personal lives.

Today we will be introducing the desk area of ​​AYA, an office lady at a major IT company. We asked her to recreate the desk setup she always uses for work in the GAACAL office.

AYA works almost entirely remotely. She works in the IT industry, and a desktop, keyboard, and mouse are essential items for her job.

When carrying your work items, put your laptop in its case and your mouse and cords in a pouch.

▼Computer case


If you spend a lot of time looking at a screen and are concerned about the strain on your eyes, try blue light blocking PC glasses.

▼ "Protective Glasses" Blue Light Blocking Glasses


I keep my cell phone on a smartphone stand that can also charge it on my desk so I can be immediately notified when I receive a message.

The "Triple Charge" charger can also charge your Apple Watch

A luxurious smartphone case made of PU leather▼ "Together from today" PU leather smartphone case


During the dry seasons, a humidifier is a great item to have around your desk.

Humidifier with aroma function and color-changing light

▼"Moist Lavit" Humidifier

In the notebook, he wrote down his work schedule, team information, and so on.

▼"Adult Notebook" GAACAL Original Notebook


When he finishes work, he puts away his work tools such as the desktop and keyboard so he can spend more time with his family.

AYA is a working woman with a charming smile who can skillfully switch between ON and OFF and enjoys work time, time with her family, and time alone.

Thank you for showing us around your desk.