5 Real Buy interior goods that our staff love

This is Minami, a staff member.
Did you know that GAACAL sells interior items in addition to accessories and Apple Watch bands?
Today, we will feature our staff's favorite interior items.
I actually use
We would like to introduce 5 interior goods from GAACAL.
First of all, the carpet in the entrance hall is designed with a particular focus on design.
Nordic style bath mat, non-slip entrance mat.
It can also be used as a bath mat,
I use it as a doormat.

Just by placing this mat it looks stylish, and when you come home and see it, all your fatigue will disappear, making it the perfect mat for switching on and off.


The "fashionable caretaker" is the one who keeps the house keys and accessories
PU Leather Small Item Tray
The ease of just placing it down is stress-free.
I like it very much.
Please choose the color according to your preference and purpose.


Taking a shower and changing clothes
Roomwear pajamas
Loungewear top and bottom set.
Because it's made of cotton, it's gentle on the skin and feels nice against the skin, so it feels great, and when you put it on, it makes you feel like all the fatigue from work just melts away.

It's nice to have sleeves when it's a little chilly due to air conditioning.


A little makeover to accompany your relaxing time
Cotton cushion cover

This cushion features a floral pattern that will add an accent to your room and change the impression.
The floral pattern all over is not printed but all embroidered, it's so delicate and beautiful!

Every time I see it, my heart warms and I feel a warm, gentle feeling.


The last thing I want to introduce is

"Reflecting the natural state"
Scandinavian style interior mirror
Every time I look in the mirror at the gentle curves, I feel a sense of relief.

I feel like skin care is a time of relaxation rather than a chore.
Because we now have more time at home,
You want to create a comfortable space by choosing your favorite interior items.

Today we are introducing 5 interior items that our staff really bought!

Please tell us your favorite interior items too.