"Staff Favorite Accessories Special" 7 Real Buys

The heat is really starting to set in.

What accessories are you wearing this time of year?

Today, I'm going to feature accessories that are a favorite of our staff, so I'd like to introduce seven accessories that I have actually purchased and that I often choose before leaving in the morning.
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hair accessory
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First, I would like to introduce
This is the hair clip I can't live without right now.


From putting on your makeup in the morning, to when you're on a humid commuter train or trying to concentrate at work,
Stopping by for yoga after work.

I can't live without it because when I need to quickly twist my hair and secure it with a clip, it looks stylish.
This type also has a stronger hold.
It keeps my hair from falling out and the silver color is elegant, so it's perfect for work.

Highly recommended for people with long hair.
You can choose from two colors: silver and gold.
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Two of my favorite earrings

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When I'm working, I often choose "extreme simplicity."
Simple square earrings named after the name.


It's small, with a diameter of 0.3mm, but I love how it doesn't stand out too much!

These earrings have an adult cuteness to them, which is why they have sold a total of 3,000 pairs.
You can choose from two colors: silver and gold.

When you want to exude femininity, wear delicate, sparkling earrings.

These curved earrings are called "Overlapping Ripples."


It shines elegantly depending on the light, and it's cute when you catch a glimpse of it when you push your hair up.
It goes very well with hair styling.
I have an opportunity to wear a yukata this year, so I've already decided that when I do, I'll style my hair and wear this.

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My three favorite rings

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I often wear rings because I feel more comfortable at work when my hands look nice.

My recent favorite is a ring with stones arranged in the shape of a constellation.


Although they are a little wide, the delicate design makes your fingers look beautiful.
It is often worn together with a delicate bracelet with a single stone.


I like to wear them stacked together, so I also wear the rings from the ring set.

You can wear them on different fingers depending on your mood, and they come in a variety of designs, so it's convenient to have a set.


You can choose from two colors: silver and gold.
In my private life, I like to use silver, which has been popular recently.

A silver ring called "Super Stylish" is a slightly chunky ring that makes even simple clothes look stylish.
The two-piece set is used more often.
You can find the perfect design for your image from a wide range of designs, including simple ones and large ones that are perfect for layering.
Click here for a list of ring products↓
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At work, do you ever feel like you're wearing simple clothes and a lot of plain tops, making you feel a little lonely?

A popular accent piece for such occasions is a double-strand stainless steel necklace in which silver and gold "coexist."
It's half silver and half gold, so it goes well with other accessories of either color, so I find it very useful.

The 77cm long chain is doubled up and worn around the neck, but I also wear it as a long necklace on its own!


In front of the mirror in the morning, I wonder, "Is something missing?"
Whenever you feel like that, just add this and you'll look stylish.
What accessories do you use most often?
GAACAL offers a wide range of accessories for both work and personal use.

Take a look around the site and find your favorites.
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