Non-sticky! Magnetic PU leather Apple Watch band

What kind of band do you use for work?

The best watch bands for business are "leather" or "metal"

However, during the sweaty season, leather can become sticky and can be a concern.

A magnetic PU leather band is recommended for business use in the summer.

It looks just like leather.
But surprisingly


It can also be wiped clean, so you can quickly wipe away any sweat that bothers you on your commute.
I can work comfortably.

The magnetic type fits snugly to the wrist, so even those with thin wrists can wear the watch comfortably without it falling off.

The band is a little thick and sturdy, adding an accent to your wrist and giving off the impression that you can be trusted with it for any job.
For women who also value fashion
The classic and popular is feminine and soft.
Beige and brown

For those who want to buy two colors, the most popular at this time of year is the refreshing white.

The metal fittings are also changed depending on the band color.
Black is the most popular color among men!

We recommend purchasing it as a set with a matte finish Apple Watch frame. It instantly adds a touch of luxury.
[Limited time offer] Great value 2-piece set
5% discount when purchased together

This summer, for business and personal use
Would you like to have some fun with this band?