If you don't know, you're missing out! How to enjoy your Apple Watch

Are you using an Apple Watch?

Today, for those who are considering purchasing an Apple Watch, we will tell you how to enjoy it.

The best thing about the Apple Watch is its many functions. Many people around you probably have one that can help you manage your health by calculating calories, managing your sleep, and tracking your menstrual cycle, or that can help you manage your schedule and use apps to improve your work efficiency.

Of course, the Apple Watch has great functionality, but I'm sure many people have already introduced it, so this time I'd like to tell you how to enjoy it from a feminine perspective.

The fun thing about the Apple Watch is that it's highly fashionable.

It is difficult to change the look of a normal watch, but with an Apple Watch you can enjoy coordinating it with a variety of outfits by changing the strap and frame.


Women often change the atmosphere of their clothes depending on the situation and the person they are going out with. For example, they wear formal clothes for work, feminine and cute clothes for dates, casual clothes for concerts or playing sports, etc.

▼ A magnetic band that suits any occasion

With the Apple Watch, you can change the band and frame, so you can easily change the look. For example, you can wear a basic slim belt for work, a band and frame in the color of your favorite idol for a live performance, and a bracelet-like accessory type for a date.

▼Newly released pearl frame

▼ Bracelet type band

By combining it with a frame, you can expand the range of coordination. If you haven't tried it yet, please give it a try!

What's more, the wallpaper (watch face) can also be changed, so you can make it sporty, cute, or functional, or even put in a picture of your pet, and the impression of just one watch can change dramatically.

GAACCAL has a wide variety of bands and frames. Please try to find the band that suits you best.

You can also check it out in this video: