Morning habits of working women / Morning routines revealed

This is a GAACAL staff member.

I'm sure there are many people starting new lives this spring.

This time, we asked a working woman from GAACAL who uses an Apple Watch to introduce us to her morning routine.

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-How do you spend your mornings?

"I wear my Apple Watch at night to monitor my sleep, so when I wake up I usually start by checking the data and charging it. I usually wear the magnetic band when I go to sleep at night."

-Do you have any morning habits?

"I've made it a habit to keep a morning notebook every day. I use a GAACAL adult notebook. It's loose-leaf so you can customize the contents, which is great. My kids have doodled on it and it's full of ballpoint pen marks, but I still love it."

-How do you prepare yourself?

"Since I have small children, I often bring a portable mirror into the living room where my children can see me while I get ready."

"I also change the band to match my outfit. This one has a scrunchie so it's safe for kids to touch. Being able to coordinate your outfit is one of the joys of the Apple Watch."

What kind of morning habits do you have?

Let Apple Watch bands enrich your morning routine.