What's in my Bag? What's in the bag of the owner of a children's bread-making class

I'm a little curious about what's in the bag of the working girl next to me.

Today, we asked Hamada Chie, the owner of Nikori, a children's bread-making class in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, about her work style and what's in her bag. Chie is a parallel worker who also works as a nurse. What kind of work style does she have?

-Please tell us about your job.

"While working as a nurse at a daycare center for convalescent children, I also run bread-making classes on weekends from 10:00 to 12:00 (4-5 times a month) to encourage children to develop their five senses."

-You're a nurse, but what led you to choose your current style of work?

"I went from a work-centered life to raising a child in a place where I had no one to rely on, and I hit a wall trying to balance work and child-rearing, and I ended up burnt out.

After rebuilding my relationship with my wife and thinking about who I really wanted to be, I decided to live my life the way I wanted to, without relying on organizations, by working in my own business and as a nurse.

-Is there anything you want to convey through your lessons?

"I always create lessons with the hope that children and mothers can be freed from the idea of ​​what they should do and value their individuality."

-When do you feel happy about your work?

"When I saw the faces of the children and their mothers delighted with the bread we made in class and said, 'It's delicious!'"

-On the other hand, is there anything that you find difficult?
"Since there are children of all ages, I have to think about how to structure the lessons according to the children's concentration levels."

-Please tell us about your work bag, parallel worker Chie.
"I often use my bike, so I use a backpack that can fit an iPad so I can use both hands."

-What is an essential item for your work, Chie?
"A cell phone and iPad are essential, and we also bring a few other items for work. In the bread-making class, we wear aprons, masks, and gloves for hygiene reasons."

Today's wear band:

-Please tell us what's in your bag today.
"Today is bread-making class day, so the only things I put in it are my keys, cell phone, iPad , stationery, medicine, a mask, and sunscreen! I've been into mimosa patterns lately."


Mimosa shoulder strap

You can check it out in the video here↓

Nikori, a bread-making class for children aged 3 and over, Horikiri, Katsushika Ward
Representative: Hamada Chie